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Five Top Tips for Your First Ski Holiday

1. Take some lessons in the UK prior to your trip.

Taking lessons is a good idea before you hit the slopes to familiarise yourself with the ski equipment, and get to grips with the basics before you hit the snow on in resort so you can make the most of your holiday.

If this isn't an option for you then do not worry. If you're taking group ski lessons in resort, you will be allocated to a dedicated instructor just for beginners. He or she will teach you everything you need to know, until you are fully able to ski more independently.

2. Pre-book your First Time Ski Pack before you travel.

This is a must for any first time skier, not only will it save you time trying to arrange on arrival - it will save you money as well.

'First Time Ski Packs' can be arranged through your travel company, and can include equipment hire, lift passes & tuition for a reduced price - saving you money compared to booking them separately.

3. Clothing - Borrow & Bid!

Good quality clothing is essential, however it can be expensive. If you have a friend who can lend you some of their gear this will save you having to buy brand new.

Another option is to buy second hand, websites such as Ebay & Gumtree are ideal resources for good quality ski clothing and low prices.

Remember ski resorts can sometimes feel very hot in the mountain sun, particularly in the months of late February and March. Take layers that you can remove rather than items of thick clothing, and also remember to pack high factor sun cream for your face & lips.

4. Don't be afraid to fall.

You can expect to lose your balance especially in the first few days, it's all part of the fun! One thing to remember is no one is an expert at the start and everyone learns at their own pace. It's easy to feel intimidated by intermediate & advanced skiers whizzing past you, but this all takes time and practice.

5. Go at your own pace.

Don't feel under pressure to advance onto bigger slopes before you're ready. This is how accidents happen. There is no rush to be the best, it takes many experienced skiers years to get to the level they are - build your confidence gradually.